The Center for Value Education (CVE) is a program to impart value education to students in schools. The primary objective of CVE is to transform children into refined, cultured and civilized gentle persons having a strong base of a robust value system as the basis of all the activities they perform.




Personal Growth :

To teach children the right values, morals from childhood itself so that they will be able to grow as responsible, mature leaders of the future.To train children to face different situations in life in a confident manner. To protect children from self-destructive habits. Enhance the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual wellness of children. To transform children into refined, cultured and civilized gentle persons having a strong value system as the basis of all the activities they perform.


Inter Personal Relationships :

Help children develop respect for parents, teachers and society in general. To teach children how to relate with others in such a way that it brings happiness to oneself and others.


Spiritual Awakening :

To develop in children a respect for all religions by presenting details of the life and history of great personalities from all religions and to instil in them an understanding that love of God is the highest principle, which can resolve all conflicts in their lives. Widen the consciousness of children into one of universal brotherhood by accepting that all life forms are children of God.


Social Responsibility :

To help children develop a concern for the environment by becoming environment conscious and by practicing the principle of limited consumption. To inculcate in children a responsibility towards society at large by helping them grow into a conscientious adult who puts humanity before the self.

Our Value Education and Life Skills Course sturcture conisists of 6 modules.

  • Defining Values
  • Need For Values
  • Mastermind Behind Mysterious Universe
  • 3 Ways of Gaining Knowledge
  • Glory of Ancient India
  • To Love and Serve
  • Truthfulness and its Benefits
  • 3 No's to Follow
  • Self - Actualization
  • Unity in Diversity
  • Real Friendship
  • Being Indian
  • Need For Self Control
  • 3 Modes of Nature
  • Dangers of Alcoholism & Smoking
  • Co-operation
  • Overcoming Peer Pressure
  • Balancing Emotions
  • Defining Cleanliness
  • Wealthy Heart
  • Beautiful Mind
  • Wonderful Thoughts
  • Pleasing Speech
  • Benevolent Actions
  • Defining Compassion
  • Care for Body
  • Protecting Mind
  • Enlighten Intelligence
  • Nourish your Soul
  • Respect for Life
  • Simple Living & High Thinking
  • Laws of Nature
  • Social Responsibility
  • Holistic Health
  • Environmental Care
  • Being Human

Methods of Teaching

Visual: PPT with Pictures, Mind Maps, Videos

Physical: Experimental Learning, Activities are implemented in the class room and outside

Aural: Rhyming verses, Powerful stories, Penetrating case studies

Verbal: The concepts taught are made into acronyms for easy remembrance

Logical: Simulating discussion on how and why the particular value has to be practiced & its application in practical situation is shown

Social: Chart presentation, Debates and quizzes

Solitary: Books and study materials are available for the student for self study

We also take into consideration the Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence and pancha koshas for children.

Our Team

Sundar Nimai Das



Mrs Kalpana Dhar


MA, M.Ed

Mrs Swati



Mr Mantu Singh

Outreach coordinator